As a personal fun project, I challenged myself to do 100 CSS drawings in 100 days. I published a series of 10 posts with 10 images each. This article has all images in a single post, as well as links to videos on how they were drawn.

Some of the…

Ten common misconceptions surrounding Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility is a must in every web development project, yet it seems to remain a mystery for many web developers. Like it’s something legendary instead of an essential skill needed for the job.

There are many misconceptions surrounding Web Accessibility, most of the time fueled by a lack of…

How to create a simple typewriter effect using pseudo-elements and animations.

A reddit user asked in the CSS channel if there was a way of building a typewriter effect. …

A bug on my site caused an issue when sharing on Facebook (but not Twitter) due to how social media process data differently.

This is the story of a bug that I found while developing my blog. It got me puzzled for a while until I found a seemingly unrelated issue that caused the problem. …

Some Dev Twitter users are hoarding the conversation, but they are not really contributing much to its progress

Modified screenshot from the TV show The Simpsons, showing a newspaper cut with an old man yelling at the sky. The news title says “Old man yells at Twitter” (instead of the original “cloud”) and the cloud has been replaced with the Twitter logo.

This is going a rant. More of an “old man yells at cloud” type of moment… So, feel free to leave the article now before suffering it

Dev Twitter

Let me start by saying I’m not too fond of the concept of Dev Twitter. I find it ridiculous. It makes it look…

I enjoy coding CSS drawings for fun. I find it relaxing and think it’s an excellent way to practice CSS. So today, I did a session and completed this drawing on CodePen:

I recorded the process (as I normally do), but this time was a bit different: I recorded…

Six common mistakes we found in applications to our Developer openings

We’ve had a couple of Software Developer openings on our team, and I have been reviewing resumes and running pre-screenings and interviews lately. …

Collaborations between developers and teachers can be a rewarding experience for all.

Teachers play a key role in our communities. They sacrifice their time, their money, and much more for their students. And, more often than not, their efforts are not as recognized and appreciated as they deserve.

While fixing this situation requires systemic changes, there are some ways in which software…

How we used the Web Speech API and vanilla JavaScript to create a talking teacher assistant for Spanish class

The next school year is about to start, and my wife (a high-school Spanish teacher) had an idea for her class. So, let me introduce you to our latest creation: Teacher Assistant Frida. An animated character who will listen and answer basic questions in Spanish.

Modern HTML and CSS features to make CSS art accessible for everyone

Drawing of a woman looking at the post title: “creating acccessible CSS drawings”

CSS art has been a thing since the creation of CSS itself. It is a great way of practicing and learning and it makes for an interesting coding challenge. But it has a big problem: CSS art is inherently not accessible.

In this post, we will not see how to…

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