A chronological view of how content was centered in HTML in the past and now.

This article will show five different ways of centering vertically and horizontally with HTML+CSS, presented in chronological order: from how it was done in the past (which we should avoid now) to the modern ways of centering content in the present.

If you prefer to watch a video version of…

Thirty-five lines of CSS and an HTML element for each point is enough to build a simple (yet customizable) cartesian system.

I developed a dynamic cartesian coordinate system. It may be a bit basic, but I find it interesting because you can plug in many different functions and display the points correctly. All while having some interesting features:

  • Customizable: pick the colors, size, ranges, center of the system, etc.
  • Responsive: 100%…

Some Dev Twitter users are hoarding the conversation, but they are not really contributing much to its progress

Modified screenshot from the TV show The Simpsons, showing a newspaper cut with an old man yelling at the sky. The news title says “Old man yells at Twitter” (instead of the original “cloud”) and the cloud has been replaced with the Twitter logo.

This is going a rant. More of an “old man yells at cloud” type of moment… So, feel free to leave the article now before suffering it

Dev Twitter

Let me start by saying I’m not too fond of the concept of Dev Twitter. I find it ridiculous. It makes it look…

Alvaro Montoro

Full-Stack Software Engineer, Mobile Developer, Web technologies enthusiast. CSS aficionado. Twitter: @alvaro_montoro

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